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  • SYT classes are open to children in the K4-12th grades. K4-K5 students must be fully potty-trained and able to use the bathroom by themselves. SYT staff may not change diapers nor enter the bathroom with a child.

  • A staff comprised of some of the finest theatre artists in the region.

  • Classes to inspire and engage every student, from the beginner to the advanced.

  • A welcoming environment that encourages each student no matter their skill level.

  • Whether you are an aspiring performer or designer or just want to build confidence and make new friends, the Spartanburg Youth Theatre is the place to be! Classes are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Please remember to register early, as many of our camps fill up quickly.



On your first day of a class at SYT, you will check-in with our staff downstairs in our class space. Parents are welcome to walk in with their child on the first day and meet the instructor, however, do not need to worry about staying for a meeting. All important information will be emailed to parent by the instructor after the first day. During class, parents may leave or wait in the greenroom or hallway until class is over. Tardy parents will need to make arrangements to catch up on any information missed, as it will be disruptive to the class once it has begun. We encourage you to email questions to your teacher or come by outside of class time to speak to the SYT Director.


**Please note that classes are closed. Parents may sit in the hallway and wait for their child’s class to be over, but may not sit-in and observe class (other than on the designated performance days). An adult in the classroom other than the instructor can distract from the class. Students often feel the need to be noticed or “act out” when an outsider is in the classroom. For most classes, there will be a final performance on the last day of class that all parents are encouraged to attend. 



Drop off starts 10 minutes before the start of class. There will not be an adult in the building any earlier than 10 minutes before the class starts.

Instructors should not be expected to wait after class end time for a child’s ride to arrive. If a child recognizes the person picking them up, then SYT trusts that the child is leaving with the correct individual. If there are any specific pickup/drop-off arrangements that SYT should know about, please let your instructor know directly. At the end of each day, the instructor will walk upstairs with the entire class and wait with the children until they leave with a ride. Pickup is in the WEST parking lot where you will enter for class each day. Each child must check out with the instructor before they walk to their car so the instructor can make eye contact with a parent and see that each child is leaving with someone they recognize.


Classes will not have a snack break due to the short duration of the class. Children should plan to eat before class.


Please make all efforts to ensure that your child arrives on time, as classes require group participation and full instruction cannot begin until every student is present. Always make sure your child is dressed in appropriate clothing that allows for energetic movement. T-shirts, athletic shorts and closed-toed shoes are the best clothing for class. Please do not allow your child to wear flip-flops. Flip-flops may result in reduced opportunities for your child during class, as theatre often involves physical movement. Wearing flip-flops leaves the child prone to injury.


Children will often play games during class. Theatre is an active art and requires students to get up and move in order to apply what they are learning. Each game played has a distinct objective and is used to help refine and apply a specific skill that is being taught. These games are all designed with a distinct educational purpose. Active games are the best way to apply the techniques that are necessary for performing.

Please ask your child’s instructor for any handouts that are being given if you are concerned that information is not reaching you.



For the classes that require work outside of normal class time, we encourage the parents to help their children with memorizing lines in order to be prepared for each day of class. Any amount of extra time spent on memorizing lines can help the child feel more comfortable for the final performance. Please only help your child memorize their lines, and refrain from “coaching” the child’s acting choices. Extra direction from someone other than the class instructor can cause confusion for students, as they may learn it one way at home and the instructor may then ask something different of them in class. Please leave all acting choices and directing decisions to the instructor.


Instructors will send information to the parents via email throughout the week, so please make sure that the email we have on file for you is correct. The email we will use is the email you listed when you registered your child for class.



For most classes, a final performance will take place on the last day of class in the same space the child has had class all semester. The instructor will communicate details of this performance (start time, costume needs, etc.) directly to the parents via email. On the last day of class, students should still arrive at the regular class start time, and the performance will occur during the last 30 minutes of class (unless otherwise designated by the instructor). Parents are welcome to bring recording devices to record the performance, however parents should not post any of this material on social media, YouTube, etc. We aim to start the performance on time, but will do our best to wait until all students have someone in the audience representing them. Because we share our space, we will wait as long as possible but must start in enough time to clear the space for the next event taking place. Parents should do their best to arrive on time to avoid missing the performance. Be sure to relay the building location and start time to family members and others who will be attending.

For K4-2nd grade classes, please note that classes at this age are intended to help ignite the imagination, introduce young children to the concepts of theatre, and encourage group play. There will not be a play or performance in classes for this age range. The end of semester performance will be a showcase of what your children have learned during the semester.



SYT provides an array of camps and classes for different skill levels and interests. The age ranges listed for each class are determined based off research and curriculum that take into account a child’s age and the skill set, maturity level, motor skill development associated with said age, etc. Please trust the theatre in the age ranges that are established. The theatre is unable to make exceptions to these age ranges.

A student should start with a class or camp that is appropriate for their grade level. Introductory classes and camps are necessary for every child, even if they have previous experience elsewhere. The instruction given will introduce students to the standards that are expected at SYT. As students learn and refine their skills, they will be given more to do on their own in higher level class or camp.

Younger students who show continued interest in theatre should continue to take beginner level classes and camps for at least 1 year. It takes time for their performing skills to develop and this process should not be rushed. After one year of beginning level classes and camps, students can progress to an intermediate level acting class, or also explore other classes such as improv, screen acting, musical theatre, technical theatre classes, and more. Classes and camps are never the same at any level, and even though concepts are repeated each time the course is offered, the materials and resources used will differ every semester.




If you did not list them already on your forms you submitted when you registered, please let us know of any potential health issues/allergies that we should be aware of.

We cannot administer any medicine (ibuprofen, Tylenol, etc) without parent permission. If your child is prone to headaches, we must call you and get permission before administering, or you can pack medicine with your child for them to take on their own.

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