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“A crucial element to my education has come from my experiences as an intern for the Spartanburg Youth Theatre. By working for SYT, I have built stronger skills in theatrical administration, communications, properties management, wardrobe, and more! At the end of the day, you can only really learn what it takes to run a theatre by working in a theatre. My experience at SYT has been unforgettable, and I wouldn't trade a second of it for the world!

- Alexander Poteat


“I had an incredible experience as an intern for the summer camps at Spartanburg Youth Theatre. I was able to learn about the process of creating curriculum for camps/classes and the organizational work that goes into making a theatre run smoothly. Additionally, I had the opportunity to assist with some of the summer camps, which was an awesome chance to see how different age groups are taught about theatre. I had so much fun as an intern at SYT, and I feel that this experience will truly help me as I continue my career in theatre.” 

- Joanna Burgess


“Being an SYT intern was one of the best experiences to have as a theatre student. It expanded not only my knowledge of theatre, but also introduced the world of theatre business. I was able to see the planning that goes into a season of shows and classes, how decisions are made, and how much care goes into making SYT run with care and fun. During this internship I had the opportunity to work on creative projects with several instructors and assist in many of the camps. This allowed me to see how different directors and instructors work behind the scenes in order to create amazing productions. This was a really fun experience and I highly recommend this opportunity to anyone who is passionate about theatre production and management.”

-Rachel Kearse




We are always seeking qualified candidates for educational staff for our fall, spring and summer classes, as well as guest creatives for our mainstage productions, including directors, choreographers, music directors, set designers, costume designers, and sound designers.

If you are interested in employment, please fill out the application using the link below. If you are being considered for a position, you will be contacted by email at the address listed on your application. If you have any questions regarding employment, please email Adam Sanders at





The Spartanburg Youth Theatre is always seeking college-level interns to assist with a wide variety of projects that encompass the fall, spring or summer semester at the Spartanburg Youth Theatre. The intern will see how a children’s theatre works in a professional environment and learn how the theatre completes tasks necessary to market productions, provide quality education in conservatory classes, produce top-notch stage productions, and create an efficient office environment where these tasks can be completed.

Examples of Internship Responsibilities Include:

  • Assist Instructors 

  • Update Teacher Contact Sheet   

  • Update Poster Distribution List

  • Summer Camp Video

  • Stage Manager Manual

  • Script Inventory and Alphabetization

  • Enrichment Guide Vocabulary for Seasonal Plays

  • Record Performance Camp Videos

  • Clean Camp Spaces

  • Assist with Acquiring Props and Costumes for Summer Camps

  • Assist Pick Up and Drop Off for Camps 

  • Propose Ideas for Classes & Camps

  • Assist in Re-organizing Multiple Areas of the Theatre

  • Assist With Social Media Strategy and Posts

  • Assist SYT Director With Various Projects Involving Research

  • Participate In Brainstorming Sessions and the Execution of Marketing Ideas

For more information about internships and to apply, please fill out the application using the link below. If you are being considered for an internship, you will be contacted by email at the address listed on your application. If you have any questions regarding the internship, please email Adam Sanders at



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