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Spartanburg Library
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April 12, 2024 at 4:30pm

April 13, 2024 at 2:00pm
April 14, 2024 at 2:00pm

*Patrons of all ages, including newborns, are required to purchase a ticket

Adults & Youth: $15
*Use discount code GROUP at checkout for 15% off groups of 5 or more!

Adapted by Austin Zumbro, from the book written and illustrated by Marchus Pfister, translated by J. Alison James

With shiny, multi-colored scales, Rainbow Fish is the most beautiful fish in all of the ocean, and the only one of his kind.  But when Rainbow Fish refuses to share his vibrant, shimmering scales, the whole ocean seems to turn against the vain creature.  Unhappy that no one adores him anymore, the Rainbow Fish seeks out the wise Octopus, who helps him learn that it’s far better to be admired for being kind than for being beautiful. 

Ages Recommended: Most enjoyed by children 4 and up

Run Time: 45 minutes (no intermission)



  • The Starfish calls the Pufferfish and Clownfish “clowns!”

  • The Rainbow Fish makes several remarks about how he is too beautiful to fit in with the group and how everyone else is “no more than an ordinary little fish.”   He also says “There’s nothing special about you!” to the Little Fish.

  • There is a point in which the Pufferfish and Clownfish pretend not to notice or hear the Rainbow Fish and that causes him to yell to be seen.

  • The Rainbow Fish says that he does not want to “be ordinary” like a “slug or an urchin skulking on the ocean floor.”

  • The Rainbow Fish calls Dolphins “too silly.” 

  • Rainbow Fish says that everyone’s lives are “drab and dreary.”


Themes and Situations

  • Beauty on the inside is more important than beauty on the outside

  • Community & friendship

  • How selfishness can keep us away from loving and accepting others

  • There are situations of selfish outbursts and yelling from the Rainbow Fish. 

  • There are situations of gossiping and social exclusion. For example, the Hermit Crab, Little Fish, and Sardine gossip about how the Rainbow Fish reacts to being asked to share his scales. 

  • There are situations in this play that discuss the difference between what makes a fish “special” vs. “ordinary.” 


Potential Scary Moments 

  • The Rainbow Fish makes a loud announcement at the beginning of the play. 

  • The Rainbow Fish yells at the Little Fish and others when he is asked to share his scales. He also has an outburst when the Hermit Crab, Little Fish, and Sardine copy how the Rainbow Fish is playing a game instead of sitting back and admiring him. 

  • There is a moment when the Rainbow Fish leaves his home on the reef to swim to the deep and dark cave where the Octopus lives. This scene will be very dark, and black light puppetry will be used.


Rainbow Fish - Reese Green

Little Fish - Keaton Smith

Starfish - Gloriana Howard

Octopus - Bella Scott

Pufferfish - AnaRuth Lowry

Clownfish - Selah Rodriguez

Sardine - Ellie Hendon

Hermit Crab - Grace Mitchell

Ms. Minnow - Alyssa Goodenough

Ensemble – Grace Clary

               Penelope McDaniels

               Ben Rodriguez

               Stephen Wilson

The Rainbow Fish

Content Advisory
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