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Spartanburg Library
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Adults: $20

Youth (18 & younger): $15




February 10, 2023 at 4:30pm
February 11, 2023 at 6:00pm

February 12, 2023 at 2:00pm

$20 Adults, $15 Youth (18 & under)
Use discount code GROUP at checkout for 15% off for groups of 5 or more

Music by Alan Menken
Lyrics by Jack Feldman
Book by Harvey Fierstein

Now is the time to seize the day! Based off the smash hit Broadway musical, Disney’s Newsies Jr. is a rousing tale inspired by the true story of newsboys in turn-of-the-century New York City. When publishers raise prices at the newsboys' expense, the charismatic Jack Kelly rallies newsies from across the city to strike against the unfair conditions. Together, the newsies learn that they are stronger united and create a movement to fight for what's right. Featuring a Tony-award winning score, and jaw dropping dance sequences, Disney’s Newsies Jr. will be a stunning SYT event you won’t soon forget!

Ages Recommended: Most enjoyed by children 6 and up

Run Time: 75 minutes + 15-minute intermission (90 minutes total)


  •  Use of words and phrases such as “beat it”, “sour pusses”, “lousy”, “stupid”, “kicked our butts”, “skull bustin arm”, “weasel”, “heck”, “stink”, “earthquake”, “war”, “crooked policeman”, “sun of a gun”,“goons”, “sucker”, and “nit wit”

  • Use of language that suggests violence such as “rough up striking trolley workers”, “gonna make mince meat outta us,” “They’re gonna pound us into smithereens”, and “lots of ways to skin a rat”

  • Words like “papes”, “outta”, “gonna”, “at-cha”, “beatin” are used to support a New York accent and use of New York lingo


Themes and Situations:

  • Social injustice

  • Using your voice to take a stand

  • Situations of violence or suggested violence: characters make fists at each other, Crutchie hits someone with his crutch

  • Implications of poverty among the children; it is stated that if they don’t sell their papers they will go hungry

  • Mentions of strikes, labor abuse, and fires.


Potential Scary Moments:

  • Crutchie is taken to jail

  • Crutchie hits someone with his crutch.

  • Jack gets grabbed forcefully and taken to Pulitzer’s office

  • Fight scene where several characters get hurt, however there is no blood or death, just scrapes and bruises


Other Cautions/Advisories:

  • Insinuated mistreatment of children at the jail

  • When describing a fight, newsies say “cops will bust our heads! Half them strikers is laid up with broken bones”.

Disney's Newsies Jr.

imagination never gets old.
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